Sunday, February 19, 2012

Update from Uganda

It has been about a month since we left Texas for Uganda.  Life here is really good and we are blessed to live where we do.  We have quickly fallen in love with the people, the area, the weather, the food, our village church, the local markets, and all our new friends. We are very blessed to have so many wonderful people lifting us up in prayer. We know that this move and all the life adjustments that come with a move like this would not be as smooth and peaceful as it has been if it were not for you and others like you praying for us, supporting us financially, and praying for the folks we encounter on a daily basis. It is obvious the Holy Spirit has gone before us every step of the way and prepared the way for us as we have taken this step to follow Him. 
Two beneficiaries of a borehole. These women were anxious for us to get the well repaired so they could start using the well again and could quit fetching water from the nearby swamp.

So far, Ronnie has had the opportunity to participate in a women's seminar on purity in a village nearby. God has given us clear direction as far as where we are to begin drilling and disciple-ing. Colin has been able to locate most of the materials needed to drill, for the borehole materials, and for the well head. Colin has also been able to build a number of drill bits from locally available material. It is our hope that by using locally available material, the cost of the wells can be managed and every rural farmer can own his/her own well. Ronnie has also been able to identify a number of ministry opportunities apart from helping with the water wells. We were able to repair three boreholes that were not functioning and now those villagers have access to clean water. God has been good!
Colin, Terry, and Bosco repairing a well as a thirsty villager looks on.

Thank you again for your prayers. We are doing great and loving life. However, these people and this place have seen so many terrible atrocities committed. There is still a lot of sadness and pain, and this area is in need of much healing. So please continue to pray for us and our well-being, but please also remember the wonderful Ugandans and the spiritual battle going on here.

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