Saturday, December 28, 2013

Over Christmas...

Just a few pictures of what has been going on with our family these last few weeks.

I already need a new picture of the bunkhouse because it already looks so different.  The roof is on and they are plastering the walls.
Little Nathan in front of Salapina's new home.  We got her moved in the Saturday before Christmas.  She is so thankful for her new home, that she is now being cared for, and that she can walk to church.
Also...This house was built by Jonathan and Colin.  They did a wonderful job for having never built a mud brick house before!
It isn't Christmas without a little cookie frosting!  But where is Silas....
past out sleeping...Too much Christmas fun for this little guy.
We are taking our friends to the airport today and have to say goodbye.  It was wonderful to have them here for the holidays and we will miss them for sure!  I know Colin enjoyed riding the motorcycle with John almost every time they went to Obulle, I loved having Jess around to do things with, and Silas LOVED having two other kiddos to play with.  It was really nice to have some friends here to celebrate the birth of our Savior.   Thanks Bridges family for coming to Uganda to be with us!  We love you!
Colin, Silas and I hope that you all have had a wonderful Christmas and wish you the best in 2014.  We are blessed to be here and are very thankful for each of you that support us and keep up with what is going on in our part of the world.  We can't wait to see what this new year will hold for us!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Greetings!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Picture Highlights...

Whew...we have had a very busy month!  
We have been out in the village A LOT these last few weeks, not that it isn't our normal, but we have been working on our property getting it ready to build on.  The fence is up all the way around and half is up through the middle, the latrine is about finished (just needs doors), and the building of the bunkhouse is underway!  I am in love with that land out there.  I really can not wait to move to the village and be close to our friends.  Dan and Rose will be our closest neighbors and we are all looking forward to that. 
The drilling continues.  The crew got a paying gig for another family that is building and moving to the village.  It is a good well, and they did a good job.  There are still some kinks that need to be worked through with the business aspect of drilling, but the actual drilling is pretty smooth for them.  
We were in Kampala for a few days to pick up our friends Jess and Jonathan.  They are here with their two kids, Dawit and Carter, through the Christmas holiday.  We are so excited that they are here and I am really enjoying having Jess around and for Silas to have a few friends.  While we were in Kampala we found a chiropractor for Colin.  He was in a world of pain and it was a huge relief when she was able to see him.  He of course already needs to go back, but we knew that was going to happen.  It is just wonderful to know that we can now go to her for any issues.  
Below are just some pictures from this last month.  (Please make sure and check out the two that Colin gets Dad of the Year for.)

The moon was the brightest I have ever seen in all my life this night.  The picture of course doesn't do it justice. 

I have never been a huge fan of honey, til we moved here.  I have been known to, at times, eat it by the spoon full.  Our friend Micheal sent this to church with his wife for me.  Complete with the honey comb!  I wish I knew how to make beeswax anything

This is the start of the foundation of our future home. 

The pit latrine.  This is a really nice one.  Colin keeps telling me that they built it nicer than he really wanted it, meaning, it is a latrine...But I don't mind.  I like that it will look nice and fit in with the rest of the place.  They were going to buy wood so they could put doors on it today.  They it will be ready to "use".

We had offered for our old widow friend, Salapina, to come and live with us.  She said yes!  So we are building her a hut just next to the latrine (so its not too far for her to walk) and she will be moved in soon.  The grass is now on the roof and the mud bricks are being put down.  Here the word for grandmother is "Tata".  

Oh my heart!  He is cute.  Dawit brought two capes and masks with him and Silas loved them!  

And here is "Dad of the Year" picture #1.  When you can't read, don't worry, dad will figure something else out to help pass the time while you are on the potty. 

Jonathan and Colin standing in the bunkhouse.  The wall are higher than this now and they should have put the doors and windows in today.  

Colin and his favorite of Dan's cows.  This was the first thing Dan bought once he started working for WFA.  He now has three more... 

including this little guy.  When this calf was born he only weighed 10 kg (or about 25 lbs).  It is normal for them to be that small, or so we are told.

And then we have "Dad of the Year" picture #2.  She'll be giving rides all the time if he keeps this up.

Silas and his buddy Nathan.  He truly loves him.  To the point where I have to tell him to stop always hugging and kissing him!  Also you can see the mud bricks that they are making Salapina's house from.

A rare shot of me, as I am always taking the pictures, standing in what will be our kitchen/livingroom some day.

And, again, my heart.  I love this kid.  He is great.  Really, we have so much to be thankful for and this little guy just tops it all.