Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Families and their NEW well: Part 1

There has been a long stretch of silence on our blog over the last few months.  From building our home, to having visitors, to the well clubs EXPLODING we have just been trying to keep up with everything.  But all of that has been wonderful.  All of it.  The busyness that comes when God is really using you is exhausting and awesome!  We have over 300 families that are waiting for the drilling equipment to be ready so they can drill a well at their home.  The well clubs have drilled 60 wells this year so far and when I sat in the shop this morning I notice that not one has been a dry hole (or a well that doesn't produce any water).  Wow!  God is good and really is blessing this area!  Just one more reason why we praise Him.  This work can be done by anyone, and some can do it much better, but God is allowing us to be successful and in return we are glorifying His mighty name.  So below are just some of the families that are reaping the blessing of God's favor. 

More pictures in the next post....

Families and Wells: Part 2

More pictures of families standing with their new well.  Ugandan's don't smile much when taking pictures, but you will see a few here and there.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Laundry Day

A few months ago I posted the first picture below on Facebook.  Laundry day, after a week of being so busy that washing clothes was the very last thing on my mind!  This picture also got many comments and an email from family of ours.  Linda sent me an email saying that she was going to send me a MOBILE WASHER that she found online.  So about a month or so later my new washing machine (well the machine part is still me but I had been up graded!) was here!  All I needed to do was buy a couple of new buckets that were as close to a 5 gallon as we can get here and I was ready to go.  Let me tell you...My life has been revolutionized!  Just shy of getting a real washing machine, this is the best thing EVER! 
It is so easy to use and it is much gentler on my hands and on our clothes.  My hands were raw from scrubbing and after almost three years of hand washing our clothes I don't think we own anything that doesn't have a hole in it somewhere, or stretched out one extra size, or worn so thin you can see through it.  Awww, the life of hand washing!  But now, with this little washer I get to say good bye to all that!  I still find that a few of Silas's really dirty knees on his pants or Colin's drilling clothes still need a brush to scrub them, but not near as hard.
So thank you Linda for blessing me with this awesome little tool!  I love it!  

The "old way" of washing at the Rosser home.  Lots of water, lots of basins, lots of time.
And the "NEW way".  Two buckets, much less water usage, and HOURS saved of my time.
You just go up and down with the "plunger" and it agitates the water like a washing machine.  It gets so much dirt out and my hands are not bleeding after!
Then I throw all my clothes up on my "solar dryer" and the breeze carries the smell of clean clothes all throughout the house!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

A mommy post...

I got to spend some time today with a very dear friend of mine in town.  She has a little boy and is figuring out this mommy gig much like I am...Just as we go along.  We wing it most days, and praise God our children are fed, dressed, bathed, and alive at the end of the day.  However, we were talking about how much we at some point were, or are, in need of some wisdom from, and I use this term with love - older ladies!   We need someone to say, "Hey, just love that little toot.  They grow up fast."  I see so many blogs/bloggers today that are writing lists of what every "young/new" mom needs to know.   You know, they all make lists about how hard, challenging, frustrating, and mind numbing being a mom can be. Sometimes these lists say how "you will want to go for a walk one day and just keep going", or "you never knew you could be so angry at a child", or "you know that shaking a baby is wrong but sometimes it crosses your mind"...Those types of blogs.  (and I am not trying to bash those ladies, because everyone is free to write and have a way to process being a mom.) But, even with the very witty well written ones, I just feel like this can't be the best or only advice out there!  I see loads of blogs and articles written by moms that seem to be right around the same position as me and we're all in need of advice from someone with experience and wisdom. And perhaps there are blogs out there written by women with experience and wisdom and I just haven't found them yet. 
I think about my mom.  If I were to sit down and ask her if our whole childhood for her was shadowed by being frustrated or angry with us, I have a feeling she would tell me "No!".  If anything she would tell me that she would just love for my sister and me to be little again sitting in her lap.  I also think about how my mom raised us in a time when we didn't have the internet and every resource on being a parent at the tip of her fingers.  She managed.  She had her mom to turn too and other older women in her family to maybe lend a comforting, encouraging moment.  So...for all of those who read this and have the wisdom of going through motherhood of young children, ENCOURAGE us young moms.  We need you more than you know.  We need to know that this time is fleeting!  We need to know that once our 2 year old is 29 we won't remember the harder times, but the fun.  So.  Ladies of wisdom.  Speak.  Write.  Blog.  Tweet.  Instagram. Snail mail if need be.  Whatever!  You are needed.  Get your wisdom out there!  God gave it to you for you to give it away.

On a very unrelated note (because this is not my normal type of blog)...I will post a blog with an update on what has been going on in the Rosser house over the last month or so.