Friday, November 21, 2014

"Mommas gone"

For the next couple of weeks Ronnie is taking a much-deserved visit to the U.S.A. to visit family and friends, and get to be in on Thanksgiving with family in North Carolina. After a week or so in North Carolina she will head down to Texas to visit my side of the family, and get a chance to visit our sending church and Water for All. It has been several years since Ronnie was able to spend any holidays with family in the U.S., and Thanksgiving is her favorite of all holidays. So we decided now was a good time for her to make a short trip back. Hopefully the time will be restful, fun, and she will be able to come back home renewed. I am also hoping she will eat a lot of my favorite foods because I am vicariously eating my way across Texas with her - that means lots of Mexican food, unlimited chips & salsa, barbecue, chicken fried steaks, and refill after refill of iced tea.

While Ronnie is away, me and the kids are just getting some time to hang out at home and bond. I am pretty much taking some time off from work to care for the kids and home. The water well drilling work is still charging ahead full steam because of the wonderful men that are working with us to train families to drill wells. I am enjoying my time at home very much. It has given me a chance to better learn cooking with the ingredients we have available (not the easiest task and I give Ronnie a lot of credit for the way she creates variety with the limited ingredients). I am getting a chance to bond with little Aggie. Me and Silas get to play together when Aggie is napping. I am catching up on reading and listening to podcasts. I am happily watching my way through our extensive war movie collection - I have The Great Escape next on my list.

Ronnie has only been gone since Wednesday, but we already miss her very much and are eagerly looking forward to her return. I explained to Silas that Mom was going to visit family in America, but I'm not sure he is old enough to comprehend. He did wake up yesterday morning and as he was eating his oatmeal he kept saying "Mommas gone." He did get to see Ronnie board the small airplane in Soroti so it has been nonstop airplane talk since she left. Please pray for Ronnie as she is traveling. Also as you pray, please pray for her time there that it would be restful, full of fun and blessings, renewing, good health, and that she would be able to spend as much time as possible with family and friends.
Thank you,