Friday, May 6, 2016

drilling like crazy!

The self-supply well drilling is really exploding this year! So far the well clubs have drilled an impressive 63 water wells. We are so thrilled that all the hard work is paying off, and 63 families are now drinking clean water from their very own water wells. We are drilling in areas further from home now. Some of our well clubs are 1.5 hours away. This means the trainers have to go and camp for the two weeks it takes to properly train the club. Please pray for these trainers as they are sacrificing time with family and commitments at home to serve others. Being away from home so much can be a strain physically and relationally, so please do remember the trainers that are giving of their time to train others to get clean water.   We are in the process of photographing, mapping with GPS, and documenting all of the water wells that families are self-drilling.

In other news, the first season of production at the farm is underway. We are currently battling wild rabbits who every night come and eat our soybeans and bean plants. Finally the farm is fenced so we do not have to fight off cows and goats as well. As it is the first season this land has been farmed (by us) the production of the crops is uneven and varies greatly across the fields. As time goes on and we continue to steward this plot of land the soils will heal and begin to become more fertile and healthy. We planted two 1/4 acre plots with maize and beans, and about twelve smaller demonstration plots with vegetables and local crops. It is our hope that the farm is a place where we can teach others in the community and in this region how to farm better, to steward the land, and how farming (as with anything) is an act of worship when the work is done heartily for The Lord.

I'll get some pictures of the farm and water wells up soon!