Friday, March 24, 2017


Corrie is loving all the new sights and sounds that Texas has to offer.  She is also growing and becoming a very strong and independent little girl.

Lily Kate (her cousin) gave Corrie some glasses to wear....She looked pretty darn cute!
At Sea World, she could hardly contain her excitement!  Neither could I .
But all that excitement wears a girl out.

Our crazy schedule over this past month has meant lots of naps in the car.  
This was her favorite toy one morning... 
We have also had some very early mornings.  Like 3:30 early.  But she is so happy when I get her out of bed...Wish I could say the same about being up at 3:30 in the morning!  

Silas is a U.S. citizen

Silas became a citizen of the United States earlier this month.  It was by far the easiest part of the whole process.  We went in at 9:00 and he had his citizenship papers in his hand by 9:30!  It really was a wonderful thing to be a part of.

My mom, sister, and (surprise to me) my nephew flew down to San Antonio for a few days to be with us to celebrate Silas, and to see everyone.  We went to Sea World, the Alamo, walked along the river walk, and then went up to Fredricksburg.  

It was such a wonderful time to be with my family and to witness our son becoming a U.S. citizen.  

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Reunited with the Rosser and Boles families

Our dear and long time family friend, Charla, came and took over 500 pictures of our arrival back into the states.  Click here to view the wonderful and fun pictures she captured of the long awaited reunion.  Thank you Charla!

Our first flight with the kids

We have been in the U.S. for a month now and things are finally starting to settle somewhat into a routine.  
So I thought I would just post a few blogs with pictures of our first few weeks.

Our first flight with the kids is over.  We had a 5 hour flight then a 16 (!!!!) hour flight.  

Colin is pushed the 3 kids through the Entebbe airport.  It was super NOT fun arriving to our gate.  We didn't know that on the type of visa that the kids had, they had to have return tickets.  So at the counter before we even went through immigration, we had to buy Silas and Aggie tickets to come back.  And given all the heat on adoption in the country these past few years, folks were going over all our documents before they would let us leave the country!  But the Lord went before us and we were able to get to the gate and let the kids have a few minutes to run around.

Flying with babies...Oh my goodness.  Corrie was too big  for the basinet, so she had to sleep across me.  Needless to say I  did not get very much sleep during our 25 hours of flying!

Sials and Aggie did great.  They loved the food and the movies and slept ok.  It was really fun for them.

About 12 hours into our second flight, Corrie was done.  So she spent a few hours on the ground in front of us playing.

All in all, it wasn't all that bad.  Just long.  Our kids did great and I am thankful for that.