Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A "cooler" place to worship!

Now that things are slowing down for a moment, I have a few things that I wanted to write about.

The last week in July we had our friend, Dustin, visit us for a week.  Dustin has come the last three years and each year he brings a new visitor(s) with him.  The first year it was Carson, last year it was the cowboy Tyler and his wife Tryssta, and this year he brought Brian and his son JB.

This year the guys came to see the program and with a purpose too!  They carried over and installed a heat barrier in the church ceiling.  And let me tell ya, I couldn't be more thrilled.  It dropped the temperature at least 10 degrees if not more inside the church.  Along with cooling it down it also helps with the noise.  I can now hear what worship song we are singing!  It was such a blessing to have them here with us for a week.  We always look forward to Dustin visiting and the blessing that he is to our family and ministry.  Dustin is the founder of Clean Water Movement (see website here).  He has raised lots of support for the WFA Uganda program and we are honored that God crossed our paths.

JB, Brian, and Dustin.

The start of the installation process.

The very safe and up to code scaffolding that needed 6 guys to move.

JB is one of the coolest 13 year old young man I have had the pleasure of spending a week with.  Traveling to a different place, eating strange foods, sleeping in hot uncomfortable beds, sharing a pit latrine with a 90 year old woman, and taking cold bucket baths would not be the ideal adventure for most.  But JB is a rockstar and took it all in stride.  He even helped with the insulation of the ceiling and spent a morning working on Silas's tree house in our back yard. 
While they were here, Brian and JB taught our neighbor kids how to play baseball and how to throw an American football.  It was so fun to see 30 kids in the front yard, even in the rain, running and laughing and playing.  We also taught JB and Brian how to play Changa Changa.

Again, it was such a wonderful time with Dustin, Brian and JB.  We are so thankful for them and their willingness to make the trip to see what God is doing in this small part of the world.