Friday, March 19, 2010

"Mi dulce mariposa"

For as long as Colin has known my best friend Marissa, he called her "Sweet Mariposa". Whenever I call her or vis versa, I know that at some point I will hear him say, " that the sweet Mariposa?". It wasn't until a few months ago that I even let her know that he called her that, only because we were not sure what it translated to. So with a little help from some friends, we found out that it mean butterfly in Spanish.

My sweet Mariposa came to visit me over her spring break from school. I felt so blessed that she wanted to spend her time off with ME!!! We had a blast too!
She got here on Saturday. On Sunday I got to take her to church and then we went to the Shannon Hospital to visit the radiology center, because (and I am praying really hard about this and keeping my fingers crossed) when she finishes up with her school she is thinking of moving here and maybe going to work for the Shannon Hospital system as a radiologist.

We then headed for Sonora where it rained on us for the first day. But that was ok by us! We just slept in, hung out, talked about all that is going on in our lives, watched as many chick flick movies as we could, "bedazzled" things! Ya know...girl stuff! Also, keep in mind that the last time I even saw my bestie was at my wedding! We have talked on the phone, but face to face conversations are so much better.
Then on Tuesday...we had enough of being stuck inside, so we saddled up the ponies and away we went! To me, there is nothing better to do with your best friend then spend it on the back of a horse. We ran through the woods and along the station trails. I think that if our seat bones and knees would have allowed it, we would have ridden all day!
On our last day together, we went back to San Angelo and only went into three of the downtown shops. It was a blast but before we knew it our time together had come to an end. But I know that it will not be as long between our visits this time around. There is a Beth Moore one day simulcast over her new book "So Long Insecurity" on the 24th of April. Marissa is hoping to make it back down here for that, as am I!!!
Speaking of the Beth Moore book...Thank you Gwyn for letting me read one of your copies....AND it is GREAT!!! I believe that it is a book that every lady should at least pick up and try to read. Even if you don't have the same views as her, she is hitting hard on issues that have plagued me most of my life. So far in reading this book, I already feel better knowing that I am not the only one that thinks crazy things! I thought that maybe I was too sensitive, but now I am seeing that I just have a few insecurities of my own that I hope to work on and through while reading this book. I think that there will be another blog about this book at a later date, but for now I just hope that everyone is having or has had a great spring break!

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