Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Farming God's Way Training in Soroti

Many of you have seen or read about the new way of farming that we are working with in the village.  If you go back a few blog post you will see the gardens we have been working on. We attended the first Farming God's Way training in August of last year and took Dan and Charles along with us.  Charles then attended a second training in Mbale a few months later.  The guys had already put in one small test garden and built the compost pile by that time.  The second training was good for Charles (along with four other guys) because he was able to ask the trainer, Chris, questions that you would only have if you have in fact tried this way of farming.  
We decided to invite Chris to come to Soroti and we would host a FGW training here in the Teso area.  

The last day of training in Obulle.  

Making compost.

One of our teammates from Soroti/Pamba area, Steve and the crew he brought to the training. 

The first two days were at Global Care.
It was a great training and both Colin and I are excited to see what God does.  We have a very large group in the village that are putting in FGW plots and we are more than thrilled to see that even more want to know how to do this new way of farming.  We were just at the church last night and our friends, Dan, Charles, Emma, Martin, and Michael all told us that their wives want to know how to do this as well.  So it looks like I will be teaching the ladies of our church the "how-to's"!  It is really neat that the ladies want to know how to do this.  Often times the husband goes through the training, but unless the wife is on board, it has a hard time getting off the ground.  Once the planting is done in the traditional method, it is mainly the wives that do the garden work.  So if I can get the women of Obulle on the same page as their husbands, then we will be in the FGW business!

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