Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pictures pictures and more pictures

We have had a very busy month of March!  Here are just a few shots from what we have been doing!

We spent the first week of March in Entebbe at a Team Beyond Retreat and Silas loved all the time spent with kids his age playing.  He became good buddies with Kate and Levi.
Trying to get all the kiddos lined up for a picture and Silas wanted to make sure they were doing it right.
And this is where he wanted to be for the picture....
We stayed at the BMU (a baptist guest house in Kampala) the week after the retreat while we waited for Terry to come.  They have a washer and dryer in the guest house and Silas LOVED the dryer.  He has never seen one before and it thrilled him!
A typical herd of cattle on the northern part of Lake Keyoga.
The mighty Nile
This child...I can't get enough!  He is very much loved!
Baboons by the Nile.
These flowers come out when the first rains of the season come.  Colin knows that I love flowers so he surprises me with them every so often.
After Terry left, we picked up my mom.  She is the first "grandparent" to meet Silas and we are thrilled to have her here with us!  We were so blessed by mom visiting us.  The company she works for, Hipp Engineering and Consulting, helped pay the way for her to bring us two totes loaded with goodies from the states.  SO a very BIG thank you to Bud and everyone at Hipp.  AND, I can't forget to thank our sending church Paul Ann Baptist Church in San Angelo for providing the funds for my mom to come and see us.  PABC, we love you and miss you and are grateful for all your support! 
You never know what you will see while driving here. 
Typical scaffolding in Uganda.
One of the only forest in Eastern Uganda, Mabiria Forest.
Fields of tea leaves
Mt Elgon
Scoping out the flowers
More tea
Kammy in her glory with baby Joy and little Silas
He loves me...
Bricks for our new church building in Obulle.  They made 8000 in a couple days and then stacked and burned them.  Total cost...just man power.
I cut the top of a green pepper off the other day and this guy was looking back at me.
The latest and biggest Farming God's Way garden we have done in Obulle.  
Pretty much always happy happy happy!
These two...Oh my.  
My wonderful husband!  He works so hard and loves every second of it.  He was created for living in Uganda and working with the Teso people.  He is really in his element here.  So very blessed to be married to this man!
Showing mom where we are going to be building our home out in the village.  
My boys...<3 td="">
So these pictures just sort of sum up the month of March so far.  As I went through the pictures I realized that I didn't have any of Terry, so I will have to post some that he took while he was here.
Just a few prayer points as I wrap this post up

  • We are still waiting on our work visa to get approved.  All the paperwork is in and now all we are waiting on is the approval.  We are on a special pass currently.  So please continue to be in pray that our paperwork goes through sometime within the next few weeks.
  • We are so excited that Terry was here and was able to see what all has been done over the last year. We got the go ahead to pursue building a home in the village.  Please pray that the building process goes smoothly and that funds are not an issue.  We both want to be in the village living with our friends there. 
  • We are thankful that we are healthy and contribute that to your prayers, but ask that you continue to pray for our health as well.  Colin's back is still not 100%, but we had heating pads, Bio Freeze and pain meds brought over so we can at least manage the pain now.
  • We say goodbye to Mom on the 4th, and that will be hard for she and I.  Just remember us as we say goodbye for a time and that her travels back home go smoothly.