Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our Trip Thus Far...

Well, we made it to Bolivia!! We left mid morning on Monday the 11th and landed here in Santa Cruz early Tuesday. The only trouble we ran into was with my carry on bag. I put most all my clothes into my carry on so if something happened to our stuff, I would still have clothes to wear. Well in Miami they took my carry on and said they were going to put it under the plane and I could pick it up when we landed. However, they asked us if we were going to La Paz, and I said yes, because we were. We had to stop there but we were not getting off the plane. While we were not getting off, my carry on bag that was now checked, was getting off! It never dawned on me to look at the ticket that they gave me, because if I had I would have seen that my bag was getting off the plane before me.

But it all worked out just fine! Terry talked to a lady and right away they had located my bag and were putting it on the first flight to Santa Cruz. So we spent the night in a hotel in the city and rested up from our 20 hour trip. My bag was flown in and we picked it up yesterday morning and headed out to San Julian where Terry lives.

Colin and I just love this area, the people and the way of life. It has just lit a fire in us to go and do this very same thing in Africa! We drove around yesterday afternoon and looked at some of the wells that the drilling clubs have done. I have taken a whole bunch of pictures, and I will upload some later.

Today Colin helped put one section of pipe in the ground with a local farmer that is putting in a well. They wanted him to stay and help because he worked so fast! They had rented the drilling machine and really didn't need our help or else we would have. Colin is picking up Spanish really fast! I am not. I hear little things and now and then I know what is being said, but not like Colin. He is able to have little conversations with people!

We are going to head out this afternoon and fix a windmill that feeds into a fish pond. Colin and I are truly amazed that we are here and thank God for this awesome oppertuntiy!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bolivia in One Week!!

A week from today, Colin and I will be in Bolivia with Terry Waller for six weeks! We are both so excited we can hardly stand to wait any longer. I just wanted to share with you some pictures from the Water For All International facebook page to show who it is that these wells are helping in Bolivia. If you are not friends or "like" WFA on facebook yet, now is the time to do that. I am sure Terry will be posting pictures and updates while we are there. I can't wait to have my own pictures and stories! I am also very ready to see just what God has in store for us on this trip as well.

We should be able to keep updates coming while we are away, and I look forward to writing it all down and sharing about our adventure! Please keep us in your prayers while we are gone. To Him be all the glory!