Monday, August 27, 2018

Back at it...and settling in.

It is sad to see that the last blog we posted was sometime last year.  Good grief.  But if you have spent any time with our family in the last year, you will know that it is a tad on the high energy side, and not too much extra stuff gets done.

We have settled nicely back into our home and life in the village.  We were greeted warmly by a parade of our neighbors singing and dancing.  It was really something special.  Then they fed us.  I found myself missing some of the local cuisine while we were stateside.  So it was wonderful to load up on Posho, beans, cabbage, rice and pork.

We let everyone have a week to settle and adjust before the kids started school.  Joy and Cambry are only here for a few months, so we are pushing through as much as we can.  Once the girls leave, our days will look very different.  The girls have been such a huge help.  I actually get an hour or more some mornings where I can read or do whatever I want.

Colin and Aaron are sorting all the Water For All stuff out before Aaron heads to the states for their furlough.