Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Busy busy busy!

I realize that it has been FOREVER since I posted anything on our blog.  So here is an update of what has been going on in our area of the world.
1)  In March we had our pastor and two other guys come for a visit.  It was nothing other than amazing to have them here!  We loved every second of it.  Here is a link to the video they shot while they were here:  Uganda Video
2)  We have set three court dates now for Silas's legal guardianship.  The first one we had to change because the judge was going to be out of the country, the second date was suppose to be today, but it didn't work with our lawyer's schedule, and our third and hopefully final date is set for the 26th of June.  Praying that it is the last date we have to schedule till we finalize!
3)  We MOVED into our home in the village.  Now, not everything is 100% operational, but we manage just fine.  We still don't have power, so we charge everything by the generator (which is currently running) and we use solar lights at night that we charge during the day.  And we don't have water yet so we go to the bore hole (well) or fill up at friends houses when we go to town.  So it has been bucket baths for a few weeks now.  My days are rather full with washing clothes, dishes, cooking and cleaning.  All of which just take much more time here than they use to.  BUT, I sleep great at night and I am taking care of MY home.  
4)  Two days after we moved to the new house, we had two visitors join us.  They came with Clean Water Movement to see what our program in Uganda looks like.  Dustin and Carsen were here for a week and it was again wonderful to have them here with us.  They worked in the garden, started to drill a well with the crew, and went to visit one of their sponsor children for the day.  Dustin even preached on Sunday!  You can visit the web site for Clean Water Movement here.  
5)  A month or so ago our pastor from Texas sent us an email asking if we would like to have an intern for a month or so.  We said yes and a week after Dustin and Carsen left, Jacob came!  He is going into his second year at ASU in San Angelo where he plays football and is studying for psychical therapy.  He is a great young man and he will be here for four weeks.  Colin and him will work with the drilling crew and well clubs here and in Pingire, along with work in the shop.

I know I am leaving a lot of things out, but those will have to make it into a second post.  But here are a just a few pictures...

For the first time in 2.5 years, I HAVE A REAL STOVE AND OVEN!!!  Yes, I am very thrilled about this.  When we lived in town all I had was an electric toaster oven and a two burner cooker.  It was fine and they worked, but I lustfully looked at my friends ovens whenever we would go to their homes.  And, this is part of our new kitchen counters.  I will at some point post the "settled in" pictures of our house.  However we are still having things made and we still have lots of things that need a place other than stacked or piled somewhere.

The house from the bunk house.
Dustin took this picture of Colin and the drilling crew.  Dan is standing next to Colin on the left of the picture and Emma is in the yellow.  

Carsen and Colin pulling in front with Dan and Emma in the back.  

Carsen!  This was his first time ever out of the US and he fit into Uganda like he was meant to be here.  

Dustin and Naboths.  Dustin is in charge of Clean Water Movement and was wonderful to have here. We were so very blessed by their visit.  

Jacob and Ojok standing in front of the maize that guys from PABC helped to plant back in March.

So thank you all again for all your support.  We are so excited to be living in the village and can't wait to see what all God is going to allow us to be a part of!