Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sunday drive

Ronnie and I decided to take a Sunday drive to a place on the Devil's River and go swimming over the weekend. The weather on Sunday was kind of cloudy and rainy so we decided rather than to head back home we'd just keep going on down the road. This blog is about our drive and everything we saw. Ronnie has never been to or seen Mexico, so we went to see Mexico! At least what we could see from the Texas side of the Rio Grande. On our drive the first stop we made was at the Pecos River high bridge. The Pecos River high bridge is about 18 miles east of Langrty, TX. The bridge is about 300 feet above the river and spans about 1400 feet across.

After we ate lunch at the bridge we decided to go the 18 miles west to the town of Langtry where infamous characters like Judge Roy Bean used to live. We drove around the little town for awhile and then drove down to the river to the site of the famous Maher-Fitzsimmons prize fight in February 1896. The boxing match was staged by Judge Roy Bean in defiance of U.S., Mexico and Texas Ranger authority, and a law banning prize fighting in the U.S. Below are a fw pictures taken from the town of Langtry and the Rio Grande just south of town.

After leaving Langrty, we decided to follow the border down to Del Rio. We drove passed by Seminole Canyon and crossed over the bridge at Lake Amistad. Since this was Ronnie's first trip to a border town we drove around Del Rio for a little while and took in some of the culture. By take in some of the culture, I mean we drove around and talked about how different a place Del Rio is from what we are used to. The town is only an hour south of where we live and yet it feels like another country all together. Once we had had enough of Del Rio we headed north to the experiment station and home. We had a wonderful day even though we weren't able to spend the day swimming. The trip was fun and we got to spend time together and see a part of Texas we rarely see.