Sunday, February 5, 2012

Steering Wheels and Church Pews

Today was a big day for the little Rosser family.  We got to go to church for the first time and it was absolutely awesome!  We went out to the church in the village where we are going to be spending much time drilling.  All the songs were sung in either Ateso, Swahili, and one in English.  A few men in front played some drums and EVERYONE was clapping.  Our friend Josh gave the message and had Charles translate to Ateso.  Josh knows Ateso very well and is still learning it after five years of being here.  He said it is one of the hardest to learn and that is in part due to the fact that English is spoken all over and you can most of the time find some one that can translate or communicate with you.  But it was great to see so many believers come together and worship the Lord.  We were then fed after the service and it was great!  Pork, rice, and cooked cabbage.  Don't be fooled, it was pretty tasty!  We are told that the "bar" area just down the street from our house has some of the best pork joints in all of the town!  Colin is thinking that may be on the lunch menu at some point this week. 

The other really cool thing we did today was let the Yankee drive!  I got to drive to the hotel where we were meeting Josh and Mandy once we got Rover started.  (Rover is what I am calling our Land Rover...He didn't want to start this morning so I kept singing in my head, "Land Rover, Land Rover, oh won't you please turn over!"  But we had to push it and pop the clutch and away we went.)  We rode to church with Josh and Mandy and when we got back I braved the city streets!  We needed fruit and I needed to practice driving.  Needless to say, if you go slow and just watch for people, bikes, motorcycles, and other cars, its just like driving back home!  But on the other side of the road...
I think the only reason that I did so good was because I have been watching Colin drive for the last week or so and he is a great driver and everyone that sees him driving from the team is really impressed that he has done so well.  So I attribute my first day of successful driving to my wonderful and handsome teacher!


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