Friday, February 3, 2012

Settling in...

We are starting to settle in here in Uganda.  We love our little home and feel like we have been here for more than a week already.  Terry stayed with us for one week and went around with us to see the wells that Rick and the crew did last year.  There were 8 wells that were completed and are still working, two with minor problems that are easy to fix.  Colin will go back this coming week with Bosco, Moses and Solomon and fix the concrete work around the base of one well and fix a foot value and re-do the concrete around the base of the well head on another well.  We are really blessed to already have a crew of guys here that know what to do and have drilled enough to be invaluable to us.  Colin was also blessed with having a work shop already set up from when Rick was here.  Everything is there that he will need.  I think that just having the shop ready to go and all the drilling material there will save Colin months of work in finding what he needs.  Thanks Rick!!! 

We are also excited about the other group of missionaries that live here.  They have been so helpful in telling us where to get things in the market, showing us where to go, and having us over for meals!  We are going to be working with this team in a certain area just to the southwest of town where Rick had already drilled two wells.  We are part of the team that will be working with this area and our goal is to try and drill as many wells as we can so that when we are done, every family has their own well.  Both of us are thrilled about working with this other group and love what they are doing here in Uganda.  I am sure to expand on our team later.

Today was the first day where we had nothing to do but whatever we wanted.  It was so nice!  We got to sleep in late, well late for us, and then spent some time reading God's word while eating breakfast, then I washed our clothes and hung them out to dry.  I do think the one thing I will miss will be a washing machine.  We will be re-wearing clothes if we can.  Once the clothes were all on the line, Colin and I went to the market.  He had a few things he needed to get and we still needed a few items for the house.  While we were driving down one of the streets, we ran into Bosco and he went with Colin to find what pump parts he was looking for.  Then on their way back to the Land Rover, where I was waiting, they stopped and got a "Rolex."  A Rolex is a chapati with eggs and tomotoe and onion wrapped up like a breakfast burrito.  A chapati is very similar to a flour tortilla  By far the best thing I have had to eat since being in Uganda.  And the best part is that they are only about $0.50 (or $1200.00 schillings).

Needless to say, so far we are just loving our new life.  We know that our instant love for Uganda and the seamless transition has everything to do with our great God and with everyone back home praying for us as we set out.  Thank you Lord for being just awesome!  And thank you again to everyone that is praying or has prayed for us.  We know that God is going to do great things here and we are so excited to just be a small part of His work. 

Blessing to you all!

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