Saturday, January 21, 2012


I am not able to post pictures on Facebook due to slow connection, but I can post a few on here!

Yep, this is me, trying to do a traditional front of everyone...first night out with friends too!  Thanks again to Jess and Jonathan for moving and giving us those seats so that I would get picked to go up on stage.  You never know just when you are going to get a chance to make a fool out of yourself!  Might as well take them when you can!

Here is the group (Terry took the picture) at the Celebration of Epiphany.  Epiphany is the day that the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus during His baptism and God spoke.  Ethiopians put on a huge spread for this holiday.  Where the celebration was held had thousands and thousands of people there.  To date that was the largest group of people I have ever seen!

Almaz (Rob's beautiful new bride), Colin, me, Terry and Yosi at the restaurant our first night out.

Thank you again to all our supporters.  We will be here till Wednesday and then we will head to our new home in Uganda.  We are excited and looking forward to setting up our new home and starting our adventure there. 

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