Thursday, September 9, 2010

Summer came...Summer went

Summer started with out us knowing, so why was it such a big surprise that it ended without us knowing. I sat down and started to look through all of the pictures that we took this summer and have tried to sum up what we did.

We burned things up! Our business was only affected slightly by all the great summer rains. In fact we were able to get most all of our jobs in and save some for next year! This burning season was great! I just love it. I love the hard work that goes hand in hand with this job. I love the people that we burn with most often. I love seeing the before and afters of the land and hearing the land owners' overwhelming awe over what the pastures looks like when it is all done. In the above picture, the landowner was unable to even ride his horse in much of this pasture due to the thickness of the brush. Now, there is no place he cannot go! He was so tickled that he was now able to even drive a truck on the south line of this area, something that he has never seen done in his whole life time!

These two lady bugs, Jaylynn and Ally, were with us for 16 days while thier parents were in Africa on a mission trip. We took many trips to the library and the town pool. Covered our sidewalk with more chalk then I thought possible, and fed a baby deer.

This was my little vacation. Colin and I got to meet with the owner of the 700 Springs Ranch just north of Rocksprings, and for me it was two days off while Colin drove around the huge place. This picture is of the South Llano. It is at a place that not too many people know about. I was able to see it only because I put in the river in a kayak a few miles up in a private little spot. I spent the day before on the same river where the headwater springs are. Yes, springs. They just castcade right out of the rocks and flow into the river. 20 million gallons a day per spring! Just the art work of the Lord.

I spent all summer getting ready for this race with Erika (in the sunglasses) and it was a BLAST! We took a trip to Camp Eagle earlier on in the summer and from that trip we both thought it would be a better idea to compete in the XTERRA as a team rather than as individuals. The race was a 1000 meter swim in the river, and 10 mile mountain bike ride, and a 4+ mile trail run. Erika was the swimmer, and she was awesome!! Chelsey Lou (pink hat) was our runner, whose time was only four minutes behind a national trail running champ. And I was the mountain biker. I guess I did ok...I did make it out alive! We were hoping to finish the whole thing in 3 hours, and when Chelsey Lou crossed the finish line, we were done in 2 hours and 30 minutes!! That time was good enough to put us in first place for the 3 person relay! This was one of three triathalons that I did this summer. I also did one 10k race and I am working on a half marathon in October. My goal is to do a full marathon next year.

AND...I rode! As much as I could, when it wasn't 100+ degrees outside. My faithful mount and I have a great relationship. At the start of the summer I took him to a dressage clinic and we both came back different! Now there is nothing dressage about both horse or rider, but the trainer we worked with was great! I am so loooking forward to another clinic that should be happening some time this fall. I also made some really great friends at said clinic! It is just amazing how God can put such great people in your life when you least expect it!
So thats pretty much it. Our summer in one short blog. It was a great one for sure and I give it all back to God. Without Him in our lives, none of this would have been possible!
I am now looking forward to this fall and seeing whats in store for us!

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