Friday, September 10, 2010

Some more of our Summer!

Just some other pictures from our fast summer!!!

This is what our sidewalk looked like after the two lady bugs got done with it!! Too bad it got wet! Just one of the MANY springs at the 700 Springs Ranch north of Rocksprings. (In order to see the springs really well in this picture just click on it and make it bigger!)
These are two slides at Camp Eagle. I saw my life flash before my eyes as I went down it, but I now know I can exit a building this way, or a Southwest Airlines plain! Although, I didn't have a cold drink in my hand...I may have to practice that one. :-)
Colin and my running partner's husband, Cam, watching Erika swim for the XTERRA race.
I went through a few pairs of shoes this summer, and these are my newest pair. I like them the best so far.
Me and Marcy getting in a good ride early on in the summer. I had 10 seconds to set the timer, run up the hill, keep Ranger still, get on, and smile. It took us a few times to get a good picture. But it was fun!!
Erika and I took a trip to Camp Eagle to see what it was going to be like. 15 minutes into our ride we all ready needed to cool off! Lucky for us at the top of one of the hills there was a stock tank swimming pool!! In we went then off we went to finish the day!
Our garden was great this year, until it got so hot that all the plants burned up! But we did get to make pickles for the first time ever! I remember my mom making them as a kid, but it has been years. So this was a whole new deal for Colin and me.
William and I at our first team race!! William did great for his first ever tri! We did another one in August, but he ran over a nail and had to stop. The kicker was he was on his way back and had the hardest part over with!!!!!!! But I am still so very proud of him and all his hard work!
Some people have guard dogs...We have this little guy! When the girls were here Colin and the two of them found him. He just hangs out under our little Post Oak tree. My cat found him the other day so I had to move him to a safer place. I wasn't too worried that she would play with him too much, I was just worried that she was going to lay on him and squish him! She is the fattest cat ya know.
Well these are just a few moment from our summer fun!

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