Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The anticipation is building!

Oh boy!!! I am so stinkin' excited I can hardly stand it!!...!!!...!!! Colin and I are getting ready to head to North Carolina and New York to see family. It has been two year since I have been home to the east coast. Colin has only been one other time and that was last year and it was only to New York City, and to me that does not count. So this year he is not only going to the Raleigh area of North Carolina, but he is also heading to the beautiful Adirondack mountains of New York! (During the fall too!) He doesn't even know what a treat he is in for.

Our first stop is NC and as I look back and think, the last time I saw my little nephew Josh, he was just turned a year old...now he is about to turn three! I am overcome with eagerness because I get to see and play with him.
(Me and Josh Christmas 2007)

Then the last time I saw my family (Dad, Mom and Cassie) was at our wedding. That will be almost ten months ago now. Man time has flown!
(Tony, Cassie, Ronnie and Kathy December 27, 2008)

I hope hope hope that we are able to catch the leaves in the Adirondacks when they look like these!! My friend told me just the other day that "fall in the Adirondacks is like a drug.". Well, Kiely, you are right! Poor Colin, he just has no concept of what "Fall in the ADK's" is all about. I hope that when we come home from our trip north he has a much better understanding of my love for that country during this time of the year.

(Some random back road in the ADK's, but look at the beautiful leaves!!!)

Near where I grew up was the northern part of the Hudson river. Yep, the same one that flows down to NYC. It runs right next to the town of North Creek and from there you can take a "historic" train ride down along the river.

We are flying out on Saturday and will be back on the 14th of October. I am going to overload my camera with tons of pictures and will have them posted when we get back. Did I mention I was super stoked about this trip???...

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