Monday, October 5, 2015

play day at the Rosser's

On Saturday we invited many of the kids from around the village over for some games. Truth be told, we only invited our immediate neighbors, but knew word would spread like a wildfire. Sure enough... over 50 kids showed up. Colin spent the morning in the yard slashing the compound, marking off the football field, and preparing a changa-changa court. Ronnie ran to town for food and then busied herself making snacks for the small army of kids. Silas and a pack of maybe two and three-year olds ran around like a crazy people. Aggie drooled on a mat.

Changa-changa is a game much like tag, but you play it in teams of 5 or more. The court is marked off to look like a long house with a central hall and coming off each side. One team tries to move quickly through the rooms of the house without getting tagged by the opposition. The defenders of the house can move side to side along narrow "halls" separating the rooms and one player can roam the length of the house down the central hallway. That may not make a lot of sense, but I assure you the game is super fun. Colin loves it and so do all the area kids. I think having a professional looking changa-changa court made the experience more exciting for the kids. The kids and even a few adults played games all afternoon and evening until the sun went down. The day of games was all any of the kids could talk about at church the next morning. I would imagine this will become a regular thing since it was such a hit. Next time you find yourself in Obule stop by for a fun game of changa-changa!

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