Monday, March 24, 2014

Silas Turned 2!!

Here are just a few pictures that our friends took for us of Silas's 2nd birthday on February 2nd!  What a blessing this last year has been with him and what a joy he is.  We are honored that God is allowing us to be his parents and we are blessed by this little guy.

Pops and Pie sent Silas a Mr Potato Head for Christmas, but I saved it for his birthday.  HE LOVES IT!

Other friends of ours, Todd and Bonnie, sent Silas these dinosaurs and I also kept them for his birthday.  

My friend Jennifer's parents also sent Silas a gift that I kept for his birthday.  This is a book of temporary tattoos.  I loved this one!

Thanks Steve and Pam for thinking of this little dude!  He knows all the colors of the beads and loves wearing tattoos.

This was one of the only things I was able to get here.  Silas loved his Ugandan jersey and shorts.

And then once all the gifts were open, it was time to play!

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