Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A few prayer needs

The past three or four blogs have been posted by Colin, so I feel it is my turn or time to post something.
Things here are clickin' right along.
The work continues in Obule with the well drilling, fence building and bunkhouse building.  Colin has been spending most days running all around between all that we have going on.  Silas and I join in when we can.  My friend and I taught the ladies at our church how to make their own homemade noodles.  They LOVED it.  Rachel found a very easy recipe and it uses all ingredients that they have or can get in the trading center.  It was great fun and they all loved the finished product.  One of the older ladies said that she thought that noddles could only be imported!  I love teaching with Rachel and teaching this group of ladies.
We are getting ready for some friends from Ethiopia to come visit.  Jess and Jonathan will be here with their two little kiddos for a month.  They will be here from Thanksgiving through Christmas.  We are so excited that they will be here for the holidays.  We are slowly getting things ready here.  We have moved some of the rooms around so to make the best of our space here.  Colin is really excited to have Jonathan here again.  Jonathan and Jess lived in Paint Rock for a few months working with Water For All just before we joined with them.  So Jonathan is skilled in the drilling and agriculture in general.  I already have all of Jess's days filled!  We have trips planned with ladies in the village, shopping, teaching the cooking class (which is going to be "chicken that taste like bread", or as we know it chicken fried chicken) pool time with the kiddos and much more!
There are just a few things that we do need prayer over.

  • We are moving forward with getting legal guardianship of Silas.  We have all the needed paperwork (so I am told) and now we will just wait for a court date here in Soroti.  Please pray that everything goes smoothly!  It would be awesome to have a date before Christmas and have this part of the process finished. 
  • Colin has once again hurt his back.  He had to carry a generator/welder around the 3+ acres of the property to drill holes for the fencing wire.  Somewhere in the process he pulled or slipped something out of place.  He was on "wife forced" rest most of last week.  We have found a chiropractor in the city and we think he will give it a try when we are there getting Jess and Jonathan.  Please pray for relief from pain, healing and that this is a good chiropractor!
  • The building process is going rather smoothly.  Still, like with any building project, there are things that can make you a bit frustrated.  Colin handles it all in stride, like he does with most things.  (I love that about him!)  However, we can still use prayer while we continue building.  We also want to make sure we are using the money that God has allowed us to have wisely.  We know that this is a huge gift to us and we understand that it comes with great responsibility as well.
  • Prayer for Jess and Jonathan as they travel here with two young children, and for their time here to be fun and restful.
  • As the holidays approach, we are all missing family.  And families are missing us.  It will be great to have friends here to celebrate with, but we know that it can be a hard time for some.  Please pray for all of us that are away this year, and for the families that are stateside.       

Thank you for praying with us and for us.

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