Thursday, January 3, 2013

December 2012

Silas and Naboth are good little buddies!

Our shop in the village is really coming together.  Colin and these two spend a bunch of time out there. Here they are working on making a slow sand water filter.

Our living room all decorated for our first Ugandan Christmas. 

On the 27th, Colin and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary.

My sister Cassie and me on Christmas Eve about 1989 or 90.    My mom still has that little rocking chair, but sadly I do not have those killer red pj's.

Our church had their first nursery school graduation early in the month.    This is the first of many!

After the children received their certificates I loaded them all up in the Land Rover and we drove about one mile to the trading center so they could march through the center singing their praises to God.

Our friends, Dan and Charles, teaching about Farming God's Way to both adults and children at our church garden.   Every week the church members get together for a garden work day.  This gives the guys an opportunity to teach the FGW principles.

Margaret playing guitar, Elliot, Silas and me.  Silas is a trooper in the village and loves playing with the all the kiddos.  A bath is always needed when we get home though!  He likes to eat sand and get it in all his cracks and crevices.

He loves his new shades!

Some of the MANY sweets I feasted on over the Christmas holiday!

The cast of our "low budget" play of the Nativity at our church.  They did a fantastic job and may even do one on Easter! 

One of the families on our team works with the Street Kids Ministry here in Soroti.  They had a Christmas party for them and it was really great to meet the kids and hear about their lives.

And it wouldn't be Christmas without a creepy Santa giving out candy to little kids!

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