Thursday, November 1, 2012


I realize that it has been a long time since one of us has updated the blog, so here are a few pictures of life over the last month.

Washing clothes, dishes, clothes, dishes...I truly don't mind hand washing our clothes, but there are times when I wish I had a washing machine and dryer!  You can't get clothes near as soft and fluffy when they dry on a line.    
We took the Land Rover into the shop and borrowed our friends car while they are in the states.  Colin pulled in and a few hours later looked out and saw this little guy.  He belongs to our friends where the car came from.  He managed to ride under the engine (a 4 mile + drive on not so good roads) and hopped out once the ride was over.  
Colin has been working a ton in the village getting the Farming God's Way gardens going. 
Silas is a growing boy!  He has 6 teeth and just generally loves life. 
Our small group from our home church in San Angelo sent us THREE care packages!   Along with those 3, we also got one sent to us from College Station with a new SEC shirt for Colin and game day towels for him and Silas.
This is just a really cool piece of tapestry that was found here in the second hand market.  It was given to us by our friends for Silas.  I just love it and think it will make a really neat wall hanging! 
Dan and Emma working on the final touches of their first compost pile!  This didn't cost them anything to make, just their time and effort, but it will produce about $200.00 worth of fertilizer. 
Colin preached in a very small church in the bush a few weeks ago.  This area was hit hard by the LRA but God is healing the land !  
The drilling continues in Pingire.  They have drilled two more wells and start a third on Monday!
Just a small portion of what was used in the making of the compost pile.  MUCH more was needed.  But you can see the small well watered garden behind the piles.  The corn is now three times that size!

This was our first care package to arrive (second behind one from my mom that we recieved just a month or so after we arrived).  Thanks to our family, Jess and Audra, we got some great treats from home!!!  Colin is using the hot suace like crazy, but saving the pecans for a special occasion.  Love you guys!
And Silas got one too from our Community Life Group back in San Angelo.
And then I had to post this just because!  Yes I do leave him home alone with Silas...
Love this guy!

Just wanted to show everyone what we have been up to this last month.
Thanks for all your prayers and support!  



  1. Thanks for the update Colin and Ronnie. The pics are great and it's lovely to see all that God is doing through you guys. Silas is a gorgeous little boy.

  2. Love the pictures... enjoy those goodies from home! Always a nice treat! Silas is so cute and I sure you love his box of goodies.

  3. Hi guys, nice to be updated! Tom