Saturday, May 26, 2012

some pictures

 This is the village of Pingire Karimoja as seen from the air.  We are drilling in this area around Lake Kyoga. We happened to be flying from Kampala back to our home in Soroti and we passed over Pingire.  I recognized the area but was unable to see our guys busy drilling.

 This Odongo Sam.  He is one of the guys that volunteers his time everyday to help us with the drilling.  Here he was taking a break from drilling to play with a monkey our nurse friend Jennifer recently acquired.  The monkey's name is King Solomon.
 Our little buddy Neboth enjoying a mango.  Neboth is the son of our friends Dan and Rose.  He is the youngest of seven, but there is another on the way that should be here soon.  Neboth and Colin are good buddies.
 Here is Colin and Pastor Charles plowing the church garden with a team of oxen.  Colin had never plowed with oxen, but took to it like a pro.  The church plants a couple of acres of maize and cassava every year to help raise money for the church.  We were blessed to be able to help them prepare the area for planting.  We hope to be able to plant a community garden of our own that can benefit the members of the church and the community as a whole.
This is our friend Ojokwan Sam.  He is one of the many young men who help with the drilling.  Ojokwan is 18 years old, is an orphan, lives with Dan's mother, and gives tirelessly and selflessly of his time and effort to help us drill water wells in his community.  Ojokwan, like many of the young men in the community, are eager to give of their time an sweat.  They are eager to be a part of something worth-while, something that makes a difference in people's lives.

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